Hummingbird Day Centre

Welcome to the Hummingbird Day Centre website, a privately owned and run Day Centre.

My name is Vee and on the 31st December 2019, after almost 7 years, I worked my last day as a Manager within a dementia care home and decided to take a leap of faith and use my personal savings to create a day centre within the community that offers the care, activities and support that I am so passionate about.

As the owner and creator of The Hummingbird Day Centre I wanted to share my story and passion with you. Having worked in the care profession for over thirty years my passion and belief that everyone must be cared for with dignity, respect, patience, gentle understanding and kindness has always remained the same.

Over the years I have worked with disabilities, managed community Day Centres, and also worked and supported people diagnosed with mental health symptoms.

I always try and find a way to do things rather than accepting that it is not possible and received recognition for this as one of the finalists for the UK’s Best Activities Co-ordinator for people living with dementia.

As a Dementia Care Trainer, I have created packages to train staff in care homes with regards to language, emotional understanding, and responding to behaviours that the different types of dementia people are living with can create.

I plan to continue offering the same type of person-centred care at the Hummingbird Day Centre and train staff myself, so we all work in the same way.

A relative’s support is a very important part of the Day Centres role so we will always offer ongoing support and advice using our knowledge and experience, after managing a dementia care home I have a very good understanding of all the emotions and questions the dementia journey with a loved one creates.

This journey has taken me 30 years. Going forward I hope that you and your loved one share some of the journey with me.

Join us at the Humming Bird Day Centre where we offer care from the heart within a safe and stimulating environment, whilst you enjoy some much needed me-time and your loved one enjoys a change of scenery and some social interaction, a variety of activities, a hot lunch, and afternoon tea and cake.

For more information please contact Vee: Tel 07934 935464 or contact Vee via the contact form.